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The containerised, ‘PLUG AND PLAY’ wastewater treatment plants are designed for rapid deployment, providing ongoing wastewater treatment solution whilst also maintaining environmental site compliance.


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Rookwood Weir Potable Water Treatment System

Rookwood Weir Potable Water Treatment System

The Rookwood Weir project saw the need for waste water and water treatment to maintain vital village services. Ecofarmer Australia provided a turn key water treatment system to cater for the projects vital needs and requirements.The Rookwood Weir is a landmark project that will capture valuable water in the lower Fitzroy River for use across the region. Providing not only water security, but also growing the agriculture industry and allowing the buy and sell of quality water.


Client: Acciona and Black Diamond Group

Location:Fitzroy River, Central Queensland

Technology implemented: Twin train Ecofarmer 250 series wastewater treatment plant

Industry: Agricultural



Accionia were awarded the contract to construct the Rookwood Weir as part of the Fitzroy river catchment development plan through Sunwater.

Working along side Black Diamond Project Group to construct a workers accommodation village to accommodate 250 workers through the construction phase of the project saw the need for waste water and water treatment system to maintain vital village services.

Ecofarmer Australia were successfully awarded a design and construct project to action a suitable wastewater treatment plant to cater for the Fitzroy River village waste water requirements.


The raw water source identified for potable water production is the Fitzroy River – which is of a reasonable raw water quality overall – but has the following identified risks and contaminants:

  • The source is variable in colloidal, organic and biological content due he upstream catchment size and rainfall/flooding influences – which will vary the raw water conditions
  • The source water is dirty, colloidal and organically with variable levels of TOC, Suspended solids and bacteria present depending on river flows throughout the year.
  • The average water quality for the location is reasonable – with turbidity, suspended solids, organics and TOC relatively low – but still well above Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • The overall TDS and Conductivity is well within ADWG and does not require any correction or treatment separately to the abovementioned contaminants.
  • Raw water quality data was available in the annual reports provided by Sunwater – and these were used for design and modelling requirements for the Potable Water Treatment System we have designed.


Ecofarmer Australia considered a broad range of operating conditions the site would need to accommodate, with seasonal influences during dry periods and flood events at both ends of the operating scale to be expected. Raw water quality data reviewed for the location was used to determine that the following would be required: 

  • Primary suspended solids removal down to 3 micron in size – for initial removal of larger solids and organic material Deep Bed Glass media (Dryden Aqua) design at 7.5 mtrs/hr forward velocity by design. Raw water Turbidity is monitored to ensure the system is treating an acceptable raw water quality  limit for Suspended solids and contaminants. Coagulant dosing is automatically manipulated via flow and raw water turbidity to ensure the most accurate dose rates are delivered to the system.
  • Coagulant dosing prior to primary filtration – to assist in TOC removal and to provide better removal capability of sun 1 micron suspended solids and dissolved organics
  • Ultrafiltration – Membrane based filtration system – 0.1 micron nominal pore size – for removal of all remaining suspended solids and organics remaining after primary suspended solids removal. This membrane system has a design flow rate capability of 10,000 litres per hour at a very conservative flux rate of 45 ltrs/m2/hr. Peak flux capability is 120 ltrs/m2/hr. Membranes used in the system are Nitto Hydranautics Hydracap Max 60 membranes. These membranes provide 4 log removal of Bacteria.
  • Following Ultrafiltration Treatment the filtered water passes through Duplex Granular Activated Carbon Automatic Backwashing Filters – operating at a forward velocity of 7.5 mtrs/hr with a deep bed design – these filters will remove Geosmin, TOC, pesticides, herbicides and dissolved organics.
  • Post Carbon filter, the water is dosed with Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfection purposes before being delivered into the final potable water storage facility.
  • Final disinfection maintenance is completed by a Free Chlorine and Ph residual disinfection system with 24/7 recirculation and monitoring of the potable water storage tanks. The system maintains a target free chlorine residual and Ph target 24/7 via smart monitoring instrumentation including Ph, Total and Free Chlorine, Turbidity, Water Temperature.
  • All equipment and hardware used within the system of leading industry brand technology.
  • System control is completed using Allen Bradley Micro-logix PLC and 10 inch colour HMI hardware complete with remote dial in/dial out modem access for remote operating and monitoring requirements.
  • Software and functional description is completed by the inhouse Ecofarmer Process and Electrical Design team, and is the intellectual property of Remote Water Treatment Services.
  • Automatic backwashing, membrane cleaning and system flow control is part of the standard Ecofarmer design platform and is included within this system design.
  • System flows, operating pressures, pressure differentials are all included in the control system instrument and monitoring package to ensure the system operating parameters are maintained well within design limits at all times.
  • Pumping hardware supplied with the system is Grundfos, as is the chemical dosing hardware.
  • Internal chemical tanks are bunded by design ensuring compliance with chemical storage requirements.
  • The system is fully adjustable in all operational areas – providing the system operator a flexible platform that will produce Potable Water from a large range of raw water quality situations and variable conditions.


Ecofarmer Australia potable water treatment system has been designed for site specific operating conditions for the Rockwood Weir Project, using Fitzroy River as a raw water source – and hereby certify that the system has been designed provide Potable Water Quality that meets all health requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

Ecofarmer Australia structurally engineered containerised plug and play Ecofarmer system was installed with in 5 days of mobilisation. The system is backed by RWTS remote dial in logging platform to allow our staff to maintain and record plant parameters from our Brisbane based office assisting our clients site operations.

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