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The containerised, ‘PLUG AND PLAY’ wastewater treatment plants are designed for rapid deployment, providing ongoing wastewater treatment solution whilst also maintaining environmental site compliance.


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Manufacturing Process

The Ecofarmer is not just your standardised shipping container that our affiliated businesses sell.

Ecofamer Australia has built a solid working relationship with engineering partners delivering a structural “box” that can withstand the harshest of environmental conditions and relocatable issues faced in today’s ever changing markets.

Our base Ecofarmer platform takes the dimensions of an ISO shipping container for transportation purposes ONLY. HOWEVER IT IS NOT A SHIPPING CONTAINER, it is a structurally engineered steel structure that has passed engineering modelling to give the end user a bankable solution. Our structural walls are formed from 6mm plate steel that is pressed to the unique Ecofarmer side wall profile. In addition it has a 65 x 65 SHS external vertical supporting frame that brings it together. Due to the ridged base frame and fork tighten pockets the Ecofarmer can be either super tilted off the back of a truck, or lifted by forklift and or crane. Weighting in at 11.5 T this is a serious engineered structure. 

Through the manufacturing process, our Ecofarmers undergo a full preparation and paint procedure as per paint specification which includes quality paint coating. After painting has occurred the box undergoes a holiday spark test inspecting for coating integrity checks. Furthermore, our hatch design sees aluminium used for base, lids and hinges which allows for the coating not to be disturbed by the continual opening and closing of the hatches. It is for this very reason that the Ecofarmer waste water treatment plants are design to last without premature coating and steel failure.

Steel is by far the most versatile and ridged material to use, provided the correct paint coating is used and applied. One of our industry issues that is faced when using a standard shipping container with 1.6 mm side profile walls; the roofs and hatches suffer server steel rusting rendering which minimises the water treatment plant typical life expectancy.

Remember a shipping container is meant to keep water out not in.

Unlike our competitors who use standardised shipping containers for their water treatment plants we use a structurally engineered steel structure that has been designed to keep water in.

For our clients requiring life of mine type builds we can accommodate this with increasing steels sizing  and overall paint coatings, allowing for up to 25 years structural guarantee.

Want to ensure longevity for your water treatment plant, a Ecofarmer structural engineered structure is what you need!

Overview Design

Key Features ECO Series
Engineering Process and structural third party RPEQ certification
Roof Design 6mm plate steel with pitched roof
Floor Design 6mm plate steel
Wall Design 6mm formed pressed steel plate with external RHS vertical strengthening support
Paint Specification External – Paint in Royal blue semi gloss enamel coating, sandblasted to SA 2 and primed prior to coating  

Internal – Paint light grey matt finish epoxy marine coating, sandblasted to SA 2 and primed prior to coating

Holiday Spark Testing Spark testing procedure is performed to test painted surface 
Handrails Lightweight aluminium top, mid and kick rail compliant to AS1657
Ladder Access Sturdy aluminium vertical rung ladder with safety cage compliant to AS1657
Hatches 6mm aluminium pressed and folded lids for weight saving and corrosion resistance, grab handle and locking point with simplistic hinge design


Steel pipe spools for container penetration, Grey UPVC sch 80 pipe work
Standards Built to the electrical AS3000 and plumbing AS3500 standards
Electrical Quality and brand leading hardware, stainless steel electrical switch board
Interface Allen Bradley HMI and PLC system, coding software completed within RWTS automation experts
Pumping Quality branded pumps and mechanical motors supported within Australia
Level Control Level transmitting instruments for tank capacity
Pressure Instruments Pressure transducers for monitoring and display 
Chemistry Venturi inducted chemical dosing through vacuum solenoid valving

Inside Our Manufacturing Process