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The containerised, ‘PLUG AND PLAY’ wastewater treatment plants are designed for rapid deployment, providing ongoing wastewater treatment solution whilst also maintaining environmental site compliance.


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Meet the most streamlined potable and wastewater storage solution on the market!

The WaterBox was engineered to solve two key pain points we’ve seen time and time again with water storage on remote sites throughout the Asia-Pacific region – poor mobility and time-consuming connection.

Overview Design

Model Treated Capacity (per day) High Cube
PWS-30 30 kl 20 ft
PWS-65 65 kl  40 ft
PWSC* 50 kl 40 ft
Model Treated Capacity (per day) High Cube
SW-30 30 kl 20 ft
SW-65 65 kl  40 ft

Waterbox Features

Seamless Transportation

The Waterbox is optimised for seamless transportation by any rail, shipping or freight serviceThis is a result of their external design as an international shipping container which ensures they are ideal for regional and isolated destinations where deployment is often difficult.

Rapid Commissioning

The Waterbox has been designed to ensure rapid commissioning on-site. Simply connect to power via an electrical plug of your choice and connect to water input and output by way of camlocks, or a customised hosing solution.

Build & Design

Built and designed to exceed Australian standards and harsh environmental conditions

PLC and HMI systems

Advanced Tekla structural engineering design and modelling software to incorporate all structural elements of the build.

Robust Steel

Robust steel sheeting with a thickness of 6 mm formed profile for the outer walls allowing additional structural support, roof and flooring 6 mm sheeting allowing for greater corrosion resistance across the life of the Ecofarmer

Pitched Roof

A pitched roof line to enable water run off; improving work place safety & functionality

Paint Selection

A reformed paint selection and process – All Waterbox units are sandblasted, primed and coated with an approved paint selection. Furthermore to ensure integrity in coating application the boxes undergo a holiday spark testing procedure to establish paint integrity and forms part of the MDR deliverable to the client.

water storage

ISO Shipping Container design
allows seamless transportability

rapid connection

Interconnection provisional flanges for rapid set-up 

waste water containerised solution

Robust steel construction to exceed Australian
standards and harsh environmental conditions

wastewater treatment

Premium quality Grundfos
(or equivalent) pumps

PLC programme

Fully automated control with 

Allen Bradley HMI & PLC

waste water pump

Stainless bag filter (315L)

chlorine dosing system

Vacuum chemical injection
delivery system with Burkert Viton control solenoid

chlorine dosing solution

Robust and reliable Burkert pH & chlorine analysing cells

water treatment filtration

Grey UPVC sch 80 pipe work, valves & fittings

waste water containerised solution

Potable water certified
paint coating

waste water containerised solution

Forklift pockets for seamless plant relocation


Our systems have been tried and tested throughout most states within Australia and exceed the expectations of all state and territory legislation.



To understand how Ecofarmer constructs the Waterbox series to secure global quality, safety and environmental certifications, check out our manufacturing process.